Thursday, March 19, 2015

Easy Photo Ledges

So these might have a lot of stuff on them, but that stuff happens to be near and dear so I'm fine with it! In this case, bring on the clutter!

The resident handy man cranked these out in two nights (with his lil helper). He combined various tutorials on the Internet (because they are EVERYWHERE) and modified accordingly to fit our needs.

The jist of it...
1 inch screws (15 total)
2 1x4's (8 feet)
2 1x3's (8 feet)
2 1x2's (8 feet)
Kreg Jig - to help drill the pocket holes
Chop saw

You may need to trim up the pieces slightly using a circular saw as they may not all be exactly 8 ft when purchased from the store.  Oh and then paint all of the boards (this is where I helped alittle).

Start assembling once the paint is dried.  Attach the 2 in board (which will be your front ledge) to the 3 in board with your screws that you will recess into the 3 in board with your Kreg Jig. The Kreg Jig acts as template and helps you create a perfect pocket to insert your screw.  Once you have those 2 pieces together, you can simply screw the 4 in board into the 3 in board from the back since this will be the part against your wall.  Then, align your new shelf with the studs in the wall and attach.  Once attached you can paint over the screws that you see and decorate with all your fave memories!


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