Saturday, July 27, 2013


Well hello there!  Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Emily (a.k.a. "Em" to those that know me the best).  Hence the name of my blog (clever play on words, right)?  I can't take all the credit though and must give a shout out to a good friends mom for coming up with the quirky title, but I must admit, it's fitting so I think it will stick.

I'm a first timer to the blogosphere (on the contributing side), and to be honest, I'm a little skeptical about the whole thing.  But in the last year, I've had the chance to learn about a whole new side of me that has had the chance to come out through sledge hammers, paint brushes, nail guns, and an array of other "tools" that I really didn't know a whole lot about until June 2012 - the year we bought our messy, smelly, hot pink graffiti covered walls house...HOME.  And ever since that time, this unknown creative side of mine is busting at the seams each day to get out as I sit in my "pod" M-F at my office job.  So here I am, trying to let these creative vibes out into the cyberworld and see where they go.

I hope you'll bookmark me and follow along as I highlight some of the DIY projects I (with a little help along the way from the hubs and family) have had the opportunity to create, build, paint, you get the picture, throughout the last year.  And for all the future projects I have in mind (cough, cough, first and foremost our future little lady's nursery).  I hope it inspires someone out there to "re-emagine" new uses for old things, or maybe just a side of you that you didn't know you had.  Ok that's enough corniness for one Saturday morning...