Who:  I'm Emily!  And you may occasionally hear me talk about this guy (the hubs = Steve), and probably a few others along the way.  And in December, you'll probably hear something about a little lady (yet to be named)  :)

What:  This is my blog about all the DIY projects and fun finds that I discover on my shopping adventures...and maybe some other fun tidbits thrown in here and there.  You know, like random weird paintings like this found at Goodwill (actually my SIL found this beaut), but it's currently one of the most used items in my house.  It just looks a little differently now:

When:  Not sure yet, but I'll try to post consistently or when I have something newsworthy to share.

Where:  The Lou (you know, the place with the Arch)..and wherever else the road may take me.

Why:  Because I have developed a hobby of sorts and want to share my projects and fun with those that care and want to see it.

How: I'll show you my finds and the projects that I create with the steps I took to get there.  


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